Learn more about our asbestos abatement services in Thornton, CO

Learn more about our asbestos abatement services in Thornton, CO

Locate and Remove Harmful Asbestos on Your Property

Wondering how to get rid of asbestos in the Thornton, CO area? Before you attempt a DIY project, know that removing asbestos is extremely dangerous. Reach out to 2 Men and a Hammer for skilled asbestos abatement services at an affordable price.

Asbestos is present in most structures built before 1980. If a material containing asbestos is disturbed, particles can enter your lungs and cause serious health issues like lung cancer or mesothelioma. Our certified experts can carefully remove any asbestos in your home.

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When is asbestos abatement necessary?

Not all homes contain asbestos, and many older structures can remain safe as long as the asbestos isn't disturbed. But you should schedule asbestos abatement services right away if:

  • You're performing DIY projects on an older home
  • Natural or manmade disasters have disturbed your building's structure
  • Crumbled or broken materials have been found in your building

Knowing how to get rid of asbestos safely takes years of training and experience. Trust the local professionals to ensure any asbestos-containing materials are handled and removed with care.