Schedule selective demolition services in Thornton, CO

Schedule selective demolition services in Thornton, CO

Create a Brand-New Floor Plan

Sometimes you just need a sledgehammer, not a wrecking ball. If you only want to tear down a few rooms or a single wall, turn to 2 Men and a Hammer for selective demolition in the Thornton, CO area. We'll use a little more finesse to bring down only what you need removed and leave the rest untouched.

Using professional equipment, our crew can knock down walls without compromising the rest of your structure. Then, we'll clean up any debris to leave no trace behind.

Call us today for a free estimate on our interior demolition services.

When is interior demolition useful?

It's not always necessary to level an entire building. Interior demolition is an excellent option if...

  • You're starting a large-scale remodeling project
  • You're starting fresh with a commercial build-out
  • Certain areas of your property have historical significance

We'll carefully remove internal framing while leaving other important walls intact. Contact us today to set up an appointment for selective demolition.